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An inspired designer, developer and infrastructure engineer with a passion for photography, technology, travelling and helping others

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About Me

Who I Am

I am David Brown. I have had a passion with figuring out how things work ever since I was five years old. In order to stimulate my intrigue I used to watch my parents fixing cars and could often be found under them along with them. I soon developed to tinkering with electronics and mechanical devices often dismantling working items such as radios in order to understand how they worked. In the days prior to most house holds having the internet this was a way to learn and satisfy my intrigue.

Over time this passion evolved into programming and content development with me learning complex skills with Excel and Website development. I then went on to study Digital Forensics at University requiring me to learn about all aspects of Information Technology from Website Development, Linux, Networks, Security, Risk Analysis, Law, Ethics & Hacking.

During my time at university I really took it upon myself to explore areas of key interest to me from modding to building & fixing computers to developing a complex understanding of Windows computers and the underlying architecture.

Since graduating I have got involved in more & more projects and travelled the world and learnt a lot more about myself and others from across the globe. I continue to evolve my skills and learn more about new & existing areas of Information Technology.

What I Do

I am able to work on a many type of projects and do not choose to limit myself to any individual scope of work. This includes things both within and outside Information Technology.

I have a passion for travel and have spent a significant portion of my adult life visiting different countries across the globe. I am happy to meet and talk with clients as per their requirements and to use this experience of cultures to feed my design ideas and any discussions I have between myself and my clients.

While I am happy to be contacted regarding almost any enquiry and unusual project ideas I have specialist skills in photography, website development, mobile application development, creating template documents (Word templates, Excel templates, complex formulas & macros etc.), logo and icon design, email hosting, network queries, infrastructure assessments and implementations and queries relating to acquiring software, hardware and technical support issues.

Do feel free to get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page if you want to know any more or have an idea for something you'd like to discuss further with me.

Why Choose Me

I am passionate about what I do. I do not consider my development projects work but an ability to creatively express and flout my technical expertise.

I look forward to new projects and strive to challenge myself to further my knowledge and what is feasible. I actively enjoy working in the face of impossible odds for the thrill of knowing at the end I have succeeded.

I like to help others and this underpins all of what I do. I don't aim to please but I aim to deliver the best solution to everyone that I work with and I am open and clear about things which may hinder or not be in the best interest of my clients.

I proactively look for solutions to any problems that may be encountered and I aim to take the time to have foresight to pre-plan so that unexpected events do not crop up in the future that might impact my client's growth. I aim to make sure that anything I develop is scalable and easy to maintain and support no matter the size it, or my client grows to.

I aim to deliver complex technical assessments in layman's terms to my clients where required while also being able to provide complex technical plans as to how things work / will work when required.

I enjoy working visually and agile in order to ensure my clients can see what they are getting often and to gather their input and feedback. Making sure what I deliver is what they were expecting and meets all of their requirements.

My Services

Web design

I can develop a concept website from scratch to meet your needs or vastly rework an existing site you may already have.

App Development

I can produce an effective mobile application to assist with your portfolio. Intuitive, immerse and relevant for your needs.

Content Development

Producing documents & deploying content management systems to meet your needs is well within the remit of my skills.

Logo Design

Making your brand have an eye-catching attractive design that works in any scenario is my aim. A logo to be remembered.


I enjoy taking professional photographs and getting the shot right first time to minimise the need for lengthy post-processing.


Building, supporting, maintaining and servicing electronic devices is a passion of mine and I can often be found with one in my hands.


Acquisition, tuition, development. It all falls within my skill set. I strive to ensure my clients have the right tools for their needs.

Email Service & Hosting

Understanding the time-sensitive nature of email to some businesses, ensuring that only the right solution is proposed to the client.

My Projects

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Nottingham & East Midlands


+1 123 456 1234

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